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If you’re anything like me, somewhere along the road you came to realize that your 9-5 job would never be able to give you the salary and the freedom you wanted. You also probably longed for the opportunity to work from any location and design your own lifestyle.

Like so many other people looking for a way out of the rat-race, I stumbled upon network marketing. This sounded like the perfect business model for me, and I quickly decided to give it a shot.

So I chose a program with a product I liked, grabbed their promotional material and started to advertise on traffic exchanges and safelists.

After six months and too many work hours to count, I had generated around 50 leads. Out of these, only 3 joined my business.

Six months and only 3 paying customers.

Six months and a handful of two-figure paychecks.

It clearly didn’t work out the way I hoped. But I didn’t give up. After all, there were a lot of people that actually managed to build a life-changing income.

So I started researching the market to find the secret tools that allowed them to get sign-ups and sales with very little effort. During this research I compared several different educational products, but one of them really stood out from the rest…

Attraction Marketing Formula

Becoming the hunted instead of the hunter; attracting prospects instead of chasing them… Sounds like an impossible dream, right? It was for me too until I stumbled upon Ferny Ceballos and joined his FREE 10 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp. Here I realized that everything I was taught about network marketing was completely wrong and this fully explained why I had failed. I also purchased his e-book Attraction Marketing Formula.

I started to promote Attraction Marketing Formula as an affiliate, and for every prospect I generated about 7% picked up a copy of Attraction Marketing Formula, giving me a second stream of income.

In other words, I got paid while generating prospects for my primary business.

For the first time I earned more than I spent every month. And by re-investing my profits into even more advertising the next month, I was able to increase my profits exponentially.

What I’ve just described is a sales funnel in its simplest form. I drew traffic to a lead capture page, gave away a free product in exchange for the visitors’ names and e-mail addresses. In the follow up process, I sold a premium product.

To get access to the promotional material, I joined the marketing system that is featuring Attraction Marketing Formula, called…

Elite Marketing Pro

The top-notch training platform and lead generation system Elite Marketing Pro is runned by no other than Tim Erway and his team of marketing experts – all providing their highly sought-after knowledge in different marketing nisches – e-mail marketing, video marketing, Facebook PPC, Google Adwords, PPV, and many more.

The system comes with highly-converting, fully customizable lead capture pages, built-in automatic e-mail follow up, a free coaching program, and much more…

In addition to Attraction Marketing Formula and Elite Marketing Pro itself, they also feature around a dozen other highly valuable marketing products to promote –  all paying commissions of up to 100% depending on your membership level.

By having a well-oiled lead generation system in place, I knew I was already miles ahead of my competition. But in order to truly stand out in this industry and getting the edge that can multiply your earnings, there’s a third part of the equation…

Personal Branding

What do all the top marketers out there have in common? The factor that’s allowing them to reach 6- or even 7 figures? It’s simple. They create and market their own products – both free and premium ones.

To do this, the first thing you need to do is choosing a niche that you want to brand yourself in. The more specific your are the better. Then you dig in and learn as much as you need about the topic before you create your product.

I chosed to focus on Facebook fan page marketing. You’ve probably heard thousands of times that Facebook is what you should be focusing on today. And that it’s so easy that your grandma could do it.

And yes, it can be the most lucrative source of eager prospects for your business. But it can also be the most costly. I spent several months and hundreds of dollars to learn the necessary skills. There are literally hundreds of traps in there and if you don’t follow a proven game plan you are doomed right from the start.

That’s why I decided to put together my special reports 7 Steps to a Social Media Sales Funnel and  7 Secrets of a Highly Attractive Fan Page, and my premium e-book The Fan Page Marketing Formula. In these I reveal the strategies I use to generate at least 5-10 qualified prospects, and a steady stream of new fans daily using only free and low cost social media marketing. You’ll learn the same skills that took me months to learn in just a few days and you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to do it.

I also teach you how to create your own products, just like I did, but without months of research.


In my spare time I enjoy travelling, reading books and watching ice hockey! I’m also a huge movie fan. I enjoy movies from all genres and my favorite actors are Johnny Depp and Anthony Hopkins.

Feel free to connect with me on Facebook or Skype – perkinnander. You can also reach me by filling out the contact form here.


To Your Success,

Per Kinnander